50 Things We Love Best About Britain

Did you know, when 60,000 British people were asked to vote on their favourite things about our nation, food and drink made up 30% of the responses!

That’s right, as a country with a vast and rich heritage in just about everything, 1 in 3 of our favourite things are food or drink related. Alongside our pride in our history, landmarks and famous people came our love for pubs, fried breakfasts and cheese rolling.

Bacon Sandwich

Alright, so cheese rolling isn’t necessarily a food-related activity but, out of absolutely everything we voted for, the top three were all food and drink; bacon sandwiches, roast dinners and a cup of tea.

Six types of food proved more popular than the Queen, we value Cornish pasties slightly more than our National heritage and, although we love football a tiny bit more than crumpets, we ranked it ten places lower than strawberries and cream.

We prefer ice cream vans to cricket, our love of the Lake District isn’t quite equal to our love for cheese and, although the Royal Family proved more popular than Stephen Fry and festivals, none of these could compete with our passion for real ale.

Marmite didn’t make it into the top 50, presumably because for every person who voted for it, another voted against it. Here, however, are the things that did make it:

Fish and chips

1. Bacon sandwiches
2. Roast dinners
3. A Cup of Tea
4. British history
5. BBC
6. Big Ben
7. Buckingham Palace
8. Countryside
9. Fish and Chips
10. Yorkshire Pudding
11. Full English Breakfast
12. British sense of humour
13. Cheese
14. Lake District
15. The Queen
16. Sunday lunch
17. Aston Martin
18. Cornish pasties
19. Stonehenge
20. National Heritage Strawberries & cream
21. Pubs
22. The Tower of London
23. Wimbledon
24. Baking
25. Strawberries and cream
26. The Pound
27. Black cabs
28. The Beatles
29. The coastline
30. Bargains
31. Shakespeare
32. James Bond
33. Red phone boxes
34. Football
35. Teatime Treat, Crumpets
36. The Houses of Parliament
37. Red buses
38. Harry Potter
39. Ice cream vansCharles Tea
40. The Red Arrows
41. Driving on the left
42. Cricket
43. Concorde
44. Real ale
45. The Royal Family
46. The Queen’s English
47. Festivals
48. Stephen Fry
49. Harrods
50. Cheese Rolling

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