Relaunch Party at The Miller in Borough

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With the help of a new residency from Street Kitchen, The Miller in Borough in bringing a taste of the East London food scene south of the river. To celebrate the relaunch and new partnership, the bar put on a bit of a do last night, and, of course, my wife and I just had to pop along to see what was cooking.


From the outside The Miller is rather unassuming and austere, but it’s the sort of place that just makes you feel good as soon as you enter. There’s a nice clutter of tables, inviting looking booths in cheerful coloured wood, plenty of interesting art to consider courtesy of Pure Evil and a good sized garden leading to the upstairs ping pong room. We settled onto a comfy upholstered bench and set about the hard task of choosing how to spend our drink tokens!

The bar offers a nice range – there’s really something for everyone – as well as a large range of standard lagers and an extensive bottled beer and cider list, there were four craft beers on tap, as well as as three varied ciders and a perry. Behind the bar there’s a great selection of spirits, including Mrs. Reveller’s favourite Martin Miller gin, and some very friendly and welcoming members of staff.Miller 001


I opted to spend my tokens on a pint of each of the craft beers, Tiger Bitter, Hayes Finest and Hop Back’s Crop Circle, all excellent. In her usual esoteric fashion, Mrs. Reveller picked the perry, followed by a Martin Miller and juice, finishing up with a glass of wine.


Miller 003By the time we braved the food queue, we were ravenous and beginning to feel the effects of our merry-making, so the complimentary hot dog was a very welcome sight! Hot dogs are one of the many much maligned foods receiving a wonderful new lease of life, mostly thanks to the skilled purveyors of modern street food. Street Kitchen’s offering featured barbecue sauce, a red cabbage slaw, crispy celeriac and a generous helping of crunchy pork belly that was absolutely top notch. There was even a chicken wing on the side to round off the mini meal.


To top things off, there was a surprise treat from The Ice Kitchen in the form of a gourmet ice lolly created specially for The Miller. One glance told us that the flavour was raspberry but a bite revealed that it contained a herby secret; my wife was very pleased that her guess of basil was correct. The pairing was quite ingenious and the generous coating of white chocolate added just the right amount of sweetness to the tart fruit ice – delicious!


There was a cheerful party feel over the course of the launch night, helped along by chipper sets from DJs, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope to become rather well acquainted with The Miller, perhaps I can even talk Mrs. Reveller into joining me for a game of ping pong!

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